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One of the first things to determine when choosing a mattress is which size you prefer. For many sleepers, a queen size mattress is an attractive choice.

Queen size mattresses are designed to fit two adult sleepers, although they can also fit a person and a pet, an adult and a child, or a single adult who likes room to sprawl out. They are large but not too large, and most people find they fit comfortably in a bedroom without occupying an excessive amount of space.

As the most common mattress size, queen size models are readily available from most manufacturers. This abundance of choice is nice to have, but it can make it difficult to narrow down your options. We’ll share a list of the best queen mattress models according to our criteria and detail some considerations to keep in mind when buying a queen size mattress.

“A queen is one of the most universal bed sizes you'll find on the market. If you're seeking a mattress for yourself and a co-sleeper, queens offer ample space at a lower cost than a king or California king. If you and your co-sleeper have different sleep preferences, look for a mattress that balances cushioning and support to accommodate both your needs.” – Dr. Michael J. Breus, Ph.D.

Best Overall

DreamCloud Mattress


  • Type: Hybrid

  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

  • Price Range: $799 – $1,499

  • Warranty: Lifetime, limited


  • Moisture-wicking cashmere cover fights heat retention
  • Quiet construction compared to other hybrid mattresses
  • 365-night sleep trial and limited lifetime warranty

Ideal For

  • Side sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds
  • Individuals who are sensitive to their partner's movements
  • Those who sleep hot but prefer the feel of memory foam

The DreamCloud Mattress is a 14-inch hybrid model with a medium firm (6) feel. The mattress features a soft, breathable cashmere cover that wicks away moisture from the surface of the bed. The cover is quilted with polyfoam, which is followed by a layer of gel-infused memory foam that cradles the sleeper to relieve pressure points. A firmer polyfoam transitional layer helps facilitate movement and prevent you from sinking too far into the mattress.

In the support core, pocketed coils supply support for the spine and help reinforce the perimeter of the mattress. A final layer of polyfoam serves as a base.

Although memory foam mattresses can sometimes retain heat, we found the DreamCloud sleeps relatively cool due its use of gel infusions as well as the pocketed coil base, which promotes steady airflow. The coils are individually wrapped to help keep noise and motion transfer to a minimum.

The DreamCloud Mattress can provide adequate support and pressure relief for side, back, and stomach sleepers of all body types, but during our tests, we found the mattress best suited to our side sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. For these sleepers, the memory foam hugs the body to promote neutral spinal alignment while alleviating pressure buildup.

DreamCloud provides free shipping to the contiguous U.S. and offers a 365-night sleep trial, though the company asks that shoppers try the mattress for at least 30 nights first. The DreamCloud Mattress is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

With cushioning foam layers over a supportive coil system, the DreamCloud Mattress is designed with balanced comfort in mind. The mattress also slept exceptionally cool and provided above-average motion isolation during our hands-on tests.

What our tester thinks
opening quote icon “The DreamCloud is an extremely well-balanced mattress that felt comfortable for pretty much all of our testers. The foam and coil design offers a perfect mix of cushioning and support.” opening quote icon
Garen Glazier, Staff Writer, Product Testing Team and Side Sleeper

Best Value

Layla Mattress


  • Type: Foam

  • Firmness: Medium Soft (4), Firm (7)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

  • Price Range: $749 – $1,249

  • Warranty: Lifetime, Limited


  • Reversible construction with a different firmness level on each side
  • Copper gel infusions designed for temperature neutrality
  • Zoned design with cut-out channels for airflow

Ideal For

  • Those who are unsure of their preferred firmness level
  • Individuals who require extra lumbar support
  • Sleepers under 230 pounds

Featuring a flippable design with two different firmness levels, the 10-inch Layla Mattress is a foam model designed to appeal to a wide range of sleepers.

The softer side rates as medium (4) and contains 3 inches of memory foam. Our tests showed this side absorbs motion transfer and provides above-average pressure relief for side sleepers under 130 pounds. The memory foam is infused with copper gel engineered to draw heat away from the surface of the bed.

Beneath this layer is a 2-inch polyfoam transitional layer with varying textures in different areas of the bed. Known as surface modification technology, this design is intended to provide enhanced support in the center third and greater pressure relief for the shoulders. The grooves also leave a little more room for airflow compared with a standard all-foam design, as we saw during our temperature control tests.

The other side of the bed is firm (7), with just 1 inch of copper gel memory foam. The firmness level means most sleepers will rest on top of the firm side, rather than sinking in. This helps minimize heat buildup around the body. The firm side is ideal for back and stomach sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds.

Both sides of the Layla Mattress share a 4-inch high-density polyfoam support core that helps maintain spinal alignment. The mattress also features a zippered polyester-viscose cover with a ThermoGEL cooling agent intended to fight heat retention.

The Layla Mattress ships free to the lower 48 states. It comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a limited lifetime warranty.

We’ve tested many flippable mattresses, and few can match the Layla’s combination of quality and affordability. Each side has a distinct feel, but both sleep relatively cool, and motion isolation was a major highlight during our tests.

What our tester thinks
opening quote icon “Thanks to the Layla Mattress' flippable design, everyone on our team found a firmness level that worked for them. The soft side earned especially high marks from our side sleepers, while the firm side fared well with our stomach and back sleepers.” opening quote icon
Garen Glazier, Staff Writer, Product Testing Team and Side Sleeper

Best Luxury



  • Type: Innerspring

  • Firmness: Medium Soft (4), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7), Firm (8)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

  • Price Range: $1,149 – $2,049

  • Warranty: Lifetime, Limited


  • Four firmness options, including the “Plus” for sleepers over 230 pounds
  • Good temperature control
  • Zoned coils for enhanced sleeper and edge support

Ideal For

  • Most sleeper types
  • People with lower back pain
  • Those who sleep hot

The WinkBed is an innerspring with a 13.5-inch profile. It is available in medium soft (4), medium firm (6), firm (7), and Plus (8) designs, with the firmest option being targeted at sleepers who weigh more than 250 pounds.

The Euro-top Tencel cover is quilted with gel-infused foam that hugs the sleeper and helps cushion pressure points. Standard WinkBed models contain a second foam layer for added cushioning and conforming. In the WinkBed Plus, this second foam layer is replaced with zoned latex for added support and responsiveness.

In the support core, another layer of zoned pocketed coils reinforces the edges of the mattress and prevents sagging. The coils are also thicker beneath your torso and hips, ensuring adequate support for your entire body. Between the moisture-wicking cover and airflow-generating coils in the support core, the WinkBed sleeps cool.

WinkBeds provides free shipping to buyers within the lower 48 states. The WinkBed is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It also includes a 120-night sleep trial with a 30-night requirement.

A wide range of firmness options and thoughtful construction set the WinkBed apart from many competing innersprings and hybrids. The comfort layers are adaptive without sinking too much, while zoned coils keep every area of your body on an even plane.

What our tester thinks
opening quote icon “The WinkBed has a quilted surface that ensures excellent cushioning, regardless of the firmness option you choose. We found this helped not only with pressure relief but also motion isolation for couples.” opening quote icon
David Rubin, Certified Sleep Science Coach, Lead Product Tester and Side Sleeper

Best for Side Sleepers

Helix Midnight


  • Type: Hybrid

  • Firmness: Medium Firm (6)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

  • Price Range: $799 – $1,549

  • Warranty: 10 Year, Limited


  • Individually wrapped coils stay quiet, even under weight
  • Reinforced edge support
  • Optional upgrade offers additional lumbar support and a thicker memory foam layer

Ideal For

  • Side sleepers under 230 pounds
  • Back and stomach sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds
  • Sensitive sleepers looking for a quiet hybrid model

Helix sells six different mattress models, each tailored to a specific sleeper type. The Helix Midnight is designed with side sleepers in mind, though it also performs well for back and stomach sleepers under 130 pounds.

This 12-inch hybrid model has a medium firm (6) feel. The comfort system features layers of memory foam and polyfoam that adapt to your body to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders.

The support core consists of 8 inches of pocketed coils. Stronger coils reinforce the perimeter to allow for full use of the bed’s surface. The coils are individually wrapped, and the mattress makes little to no noise when bearing weight. A firm polyfoam base provides stable support for the mattress and helps absorb motion transfer.

Helix also offers an upgraded model called the Helix Midnight Luxe. This mattress is quilted with an additional 2 inches of gel memory foam and features zoned lumbar support and a breathable Tencel cover.

Shoppers in the U.S. receive free shipping and a 100-night sleep trial. Helix requests that sleepers test the mattress for at least 30 nights before requesting a return. The Helix Midnight has a 10-year limited warranty, and the Helix Midnight Luxe has a 15-year limited warranty.

The Helix Midnight is one of the most balanced hybrid models we’ve tested, and the sticker price is highly accessible to boot. The tried-and-true formula of adaptive foam over pocketed coils should appeal to a wide range of sleeper types.

What our tester thinks
opening quote icon “Side sleepers on our test team singled out the Helix Midnight for its exceptional pressure relief. The thick foam layers are ideal for cushioning your shoulders and hips.” opening quote icon
Garen Glazier, Staff Writer, Product Testing Team and Side Sleeper

Best for Back Pain

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud


  • Type: Foam

  • Firmness: Medium (5)

  • Sizes: Twin, Twin Long, Double, Queen, King, California King, Split King

  • Price Range: $1,699 – $3,398

  • Warranty: 10 Year, Limited


  • Thick layers of memory foam relieve pressure points
  • All-foam construction with minimal motion transfer
  • Moisture-wicking cover

Ideal For

  • Those who like the feel of traditional memory foam
  • Side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds
  • Couples

Tempur-Pedic’s TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress features a layer of plush, pressure-relieving memory foam over a firmer memory foam transitional layer and a polyfoam support core. The mattress cover is designed to wick moisture away from the sleeper.

The comfort system offers the signature hug of memory foam, conforming to the body and allowing sleepers to sink in a fair amount. With a medium (5) feel, our tests indicate the mattress is ideal for side sleepers under 230 pounds. It also earned strong ratings from our back and stomach sleepers under 130 pounds.

The TEMPUR-Cloud’s thick memory foam layers absorb a significant amount of movement, keeping co-sleepers from disturbing each other. As with most traditional memory foam mattresses, our team also found this model supplies above-average pressure relief.

This 10-inch mattress is available in the six standard sizes, as well as split king. Shipping is free for customers in the contiguous U.S. Tempur-Pedic offers a 10-year limited warranty and a 90-night sleep trial with a mandatory 30-night break-in period.

Tempur-Pedic’s first mattress-in-a-box offers the high-quality designs and premium materials of the brand’s previous models, but at a more affordable price-point. The TEMPUR-Cloud excelled at pressure relief and motion isolation during our tests.

What our tester thinks
opening quote icon “As with all mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, the adaptive foam in the TEMPUR-Cloud was great at cushioning our bodies during tests. Our team observed high degrees of pressure relief around the spine, shoulders, and hips.” opening quote icon
Alison Deshong, Staff Writer, Product Testing Team and Stomach Sleeper

Why You Should Trust Us

Our team has amassed years of experience in the sleep product industry. We’ve gathered an expert panel uniting healthcare professionals, former mattress manufacturers, and certified sleep science coaches. Every member of our testing team has tested dozens of mattresses, enabling them to draw comparisons between different models.

We make sure our tests include individuals of all body types and preferred sleep positions, as these factors can change the way a mattress feels. Our rigorous testing process examines every facet of the mattress, from motion transfer to pressure relief, for a comprehensive view of how it performs.

Who Is a Queen Mattress Best for?

The queen size is generally considered the happy medium among mattress sizes, as it can comfortably accommodate two sleepers without taking up too much space in your room. As a result, queen size mattresses are often preferred by single adults, couples, or those who share the bed with a child or pet.

  • Single Adults: For single adults, a queen size mattress allows more width to spread out.
  • Couples: Many couples prefer a queen size mattress, as it provides ample room for both sleepers without occupying as much floor space as a king size mattress.
  • People With Kids or Pets: A queen size mattress leaves extra wiggle room in case the kids or pets want to snuggle up together.

Queen Mattress Pros & Cons

  • Spacious without taking up the whole room
  • Widely available
  • Easy to find matching bedding and bed frames
  • May be too large for single adults living in smaller apartments
  • Higher price-point than a twin or full size mattress

What's the Difference Between a Queen, Full, and a King?

Queen size falls between full and king on the mattress size spectrum. A full size mattress measures approximately 54 by 75 inches, while a queen measures 60 by 80 inches. A king measures 76 by 80 inches.

Though full size mattresses can accommodate two sleepers, you may still feel cramped sharing a full model with a partner. Full size mattresses are also slightly shorter than queen and king size mattresses, so they may not be comfortable if you are taller than 6 feet 2 inches. On the other end of the spectrum, king size mattresses are more roomy, but they may be too big for some bedrooms.

The queen offers a versatile size that can adapt to fit the needs of single sleepers or those who sleep with a partner, pet, or child.

Queen vs. Full vs. King

Leg Room

Both queen and king size mattresses measure 80 inches long, which should leave enough leg room if you stand up to 6 feet 7 inches. The full size mattress is slightly shorter, at just 75 inches long.


Queen size mattresses suit the needs of most couples. Full size mattresses can accommodate two people in a pinch, while the extra width of a king size mattress can fit a couple plus children or pets.


As mattress pricing is often dependent on size, shoppers can expect to pay less for a full size mattress and more for a king size mattress. This also applies to bed frames, bedding, and other accessories.

Mattress Weight

Full size mattresses weigh less than queen size mattresses, which in turn weigh less than king size mattresses. Mattress weight may be a consideration when moving houses.

What Should You Know About Buying a Queen Mattress?

There are some additional logistics you should consider before deciding on a new queen size mattress.

Doorways, Hallways, and Room Size

Before ordering a mattress, take measurements to ensure it will fit in your bedroom. In addition, don’t forget to measure any doorways, staircases, or elevators on the way to your bedroom.

Mattresses are often compressed for shipping, which may make them easier to carry through your house or apartment building. That said, you may want to wait until you reach your bedroom before removing the packaging and letting the mattress expand.

Types of Queen Mattresses

In addition to the standard queen size mattress, there are some less common alternatives, including California queens, Olympic queens, and split queens.

  • California Queen: Measuring 60 by 84 inches, the California queen size mattress allows extra leg room for taller sleepers. 
  • Olympic Queen: At 66 by 80 inches, the Olympic queen has the same length as a standard queen but has additional width for couples who need more room. 
  • Split Queen: The split queen option consists of two mattresses that each measure 30 by 80 inches, allowing each sleeper to personalize the feel of their half.

Shoppers should be aware that Olympic and California queen mattresses will not fit a standard queen bed frame. As these are not considered standard sizes, you may also have trouble finding bedding to match.

Mattress Weight, Mattress Type, and Movability

Mattress weight varies depending on the materials and thickness of the mattress. On average, standard-profile queen size foam mattresses weigh between 60 and 90 pounds, hybrids weigh between 90 and 120 pounds, and latex or latex hybrid mattresses weigh 120 pounds or more.

You may need to enlist help from another person when moving the mattress from room to room, especially once you’ve taken it out of the box. Latex mattresses can be particularly difficult to move, as these are the heaviest type and can be difficult to maneuver.

Bed Frame Sizing

Bed frame options range from minimalist platform designs to elaborate sleigh beds with headboards and footboards. When gauging whether your queen size bed will fit in your bedroom, don’t forget that some bed frames occupy extra space around the perimeter. Those with limited space may prefer a simple platform bed or a storage bed that sits higher up and includes compartments underneath.

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